Testimonials & Reviews

Below are some if the comments written by previous pupils - Please add a review on my 5 Star facebook page.

Great driving instructor, calm, flexible and really patient!
Caleb Todd, 10/10/2017 - Taken off Facebook

I would recommend Paul to anyone. Passed my theory and driving test first time and 0 minors on my test. Very patient, friendly and easy to get on with. Anyone looking to start driving should definitely go with Paul
Zak Moulding, 18/06/2017 - Taken off Facebook

110% recommend PHD, thanks to Paul i passed 1st time today! Very patient and friendly, nice little car too
Beth Rowlands, 13/06/2017 - Taken off Facebook

Fantastic instrutor very patient and calming I never thought I'd ever drive but thanks to Paul i passed 1st time!
Julia Cartmell, 15/02/2017 - Taken off Facebook

In the words of Tina Turner- simply the best!!!
Diane Sagar, 18/08/2015 - Taken off Facebook

100% recommend Paul!
Daniya Playforth, 30/07/2015 - Taken off Facebook

I wouldn't recommend anyone else other than Paul, he is amazing!
Amy Stephens, 08/04/2015 - Taken off Facebook

Brilliant teacher and very patient! Highly recommend to everyone looking to pass first time
Marriam Ahmed, 23/01/2015 - Taken off Facebook

Spot on. Couldn't fault and would recommend to everyone!
Tom Sagar, 02/01/2015 - Taken off Facebook

Can't recommend him enough!
Andrew Jackson, 22/10/2014 - Taken off Facebook

Would HIGHLY recommend. Got me through my test with zero faults and now I feel really confident in the road.
Connor Smyth, 19/08/2014 - Taken off Facebook

Excellent well recommended
Fran Baker, 09/04/2014 - Taken off Facebook

Massive thanks to Paul who has helped me pass my test first time twice now (don't ask). Paul is an extremely patient and friendly driving instructor, and I would recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks again Paul!
Anna Clinton, 14/02/2012

Having taken lessons at various times (on and off) for the past 25 years I can honestly say that Paul is the best in the business. Paul won't waste your time giving long speeches about unimportant details. Instead he focuses on what you need to know to make you a competent driver capable of passing the test and making you safe to be on the road. I just wish I'd met him a quarter of a century ago - would have saved me a small fortune!
Andy Sinclair, 16/12/2011

Paul was my fisrt ever instructor and I never felt the need to change. He was brilliant! very patient and a good teacher. I passed first time after only 11 months from start to finish. Thank you Paul!
Jenny Milford, 14/12/2009

I would gladly recommend Paul to anyone wishing to become a Driving Instructor. His ability, drive and enthusiam rubbed off on myself and motivated me to pass all my examinations. Forget about the schools that advertise on the television or in the papers, go to the best and save yourself money, I Did !!! Cheers Paul
Mick Brooks ADI, 30/09/09

Paul is a very good driving instructor (he even managed to get my girlfriend to pass her test..that should be in a lifetime achievements book Paul :-D ), he helped me pass first time too. Paul always seemed as if his main goal was getting me to pass my test asap, unlike many other driving instructors who's goal is to keep you with them for as long as possible! It was a pleasure going on the lessons and Pauls teaching method was quick and effective
Dan Giannoccaro, 07/02/2009

I had previously had two different instructors and failed three tests. After only 3 months with Paul he got me through my driving test. I enjoyed my lessons and Paul is an amazing driving instructor and made me feel so confident behind the wheel. Thanks Paul, you're fab x
Ashley Bridges, 19/09/2008

Brilliant tuition, I passed first time and enjoyed the lessons. You can be sure that he will get the best out of you and make you a confident but safe driver once you have passed. Forget your BSM...this is the real deal - cheers Paul!
Ed Smethurst, 05/06/2008

I would not hesitate in recommending Paul and his driving school - Paul is kind, supportive and an excellent teacher, who understands that not all people learn in the same way. I have attempted to learn to drive many times over the last 11 years but never got past the 3rd or 4th lesson as I found it so intimidating and stressful - Only Paul has been able to raise my confidence and make me believe that I can learn to drive and pass my test, and I am truly thankful to him
Philippa Perryman, 20/02/2008

Paul is an excellent instructor, I would recommend him to anyone, his teaching methods are perfect and I don't think I would have passed when I did if it was with someone else, he gives you the confidence to help u pass first time round, thanks Paul!!
Taznim Bargit, 19/08/07

I passed my test first time thanks to Paul. He is very experienced and a patient instructor. I would recommend him to everybody. He helped me to be more confident and a very disciplined driver. Thank you very much!
Elmira German, 15/02/0)

Paul is an excellent instructor who I would recommend to anyone. He always sets realistic goals and his method of teaching is spot on. He gives you confidence and his criticisms are always constructive and fair! With any other instructor I feel it would have taken me longer to gain my license so I'm very happy. Cheers Paul!
Adam Briers, 06/01/07

I have recently passed my driving test with Paul, and can confidently say that I will be recommending him to anyone that I know starting their driving lessons in the future. His expertise, teaching skills, and motivation gives you that much needed boost. I want to say a big thank you to Paul, for giving me all the skills needed to pass, as well as some much needed confidence! Thank you!!
Lynsey Anyon, 11/10/2006

Paul was a superb driving instructor, he has helped my brother and I pass our driving tests first time, his criticism was always constructive, he was always patient and he is very organised keeping a record of what you have done in past lessons etc I would highly recommend Paul to anyone. Thanks Paul!!
Anthony Ford, 28/09/2006

Paul is a great driving instructor and has all the skills of a top instructor, he is very patient and never puts you down, and thanks to Paul I have got through my test first time with only 1 minor! Thanks Paul!!
Yousf Akhtar, 28/09/2006

Paul is a very good instructor very patient and always boosting you're confidence. He doesn't waste your time like many instructors do and he got me through my test first time and in no time ! thanks Paul! No more buses!
Laura Bretherton, 06/08/2006

Paul is very patient with all the skills of a fantastic teacher. He lets you go at your own pace and makes sure you feel good driving. The pass plus driving was worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone. Paul is very experienced and an all round great instructor. Couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thanks.
Martin Simmons, 26/04/2006

Paul is an excellent driving instructor! He is honest and makes realistic targets whilst being 100% supportive and encouraging. For that reason I passed my driving test first time and could not have done it without him! A top quality instructor who I felt put a lot of effort into making it easier for me to learn; i.e. an instructor who cares!!! Thanks for everything Paul... Freedom!!!
Shelley Goodinson, 25/04/2006

Paul helped me pass 1st time. I would recommend him as an excellent very professional instructor. When I made mistakes his criticism was always constructive and helpful and was always given with lots of really positive feedback which helped me learn and gave me confidence. No more waiting for the bus at 6 in the morning!! Thanks Paul
Carla Nightingale, 27/09/2005

I would recommend Paul as a top driving instructor, he is very easy to talk to, very calm. I passed first time which is all down to Paul. I want to thank you ever so much. Thank you
Janine Wood, 27/07/05

I had 3 driving instructors before I met Paul, so I could really compare - Paul is the best! He's calm and friendly and he's teaching skills are great. The only thing I regret now is that I didn't meet Paul earlier, it would've saved me lots of time and money that I wasted with guys who shouted, flirted or just didn't have the talent to teach. But the main thing is that thanks to Paul I've passed my driving test! Freedom! Hooray!
Daria Haydock, 22/05/05

I recently completed my Pass Plus qualification with Paul. Was a fantastic experience, and worth the time and money. I would recommend PHD to anyone. Thanks Paul!
Owen Taylor, 06/05/05

Just passed my driving test at 45! I would happily recommend Paul as your driving instructor. He was always very calm - even if I wasn't - and he explained things very clearly and gave me much needed confidence. Thanks Paul!
Jan Harper, 04/05/05

I feel Paul is a very good instructor and would recommend him to any of my friends. I'm not the easiest of pupils, but I passed first time. Thanks Paul
Helena Sunners, 18/01/05